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The Latinx Voces blog will be featuring individual stories in hopes of highlighting personal experiences of Latinx identity, heritage, and cultura throughout the rest of the year.

The celebration and recognition of our roots, history, and culture continues- through YOU.

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis to be featured on the Latinx Voces blog.

Story Submission Guidelines:

  • Please be respectful of the Community and different perspectives that may arise
  • Do not advertise or solicit through the storytelling platform
  • Share your own original content
  • Avoid gratuitously offensive or objectionable material
Written Story Video Submission
100-200 words
2-5 images (.png & .jpg)
10-30 second video

By contributing to the Latinx Voces blog, you agree for stories to be posted and published to the Latinx Voces blog and other social media platforms. Please note that all submissions go through a moderation process by our staff, and any overstepping of these Guidelines may result in deleted or unpublished submissions.

Arts submissions will be published in our upcoming Arts Corner for Latinx Voces and accompanying stories will be published in the Latinx Voces blog.

Select a prompt that gets you thinking:

  • What does identitad mean to you (as a latino/a/x, chicano/a/x, etc…)?
  • What is your story behind embracing your identitad, heritage, and culture?
  • What does it mean to be bi-national/bi-cultural?
  • What does it mean to be bilingual? How has this impacted you?
  • How has your family traditions and support system helped you through the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How has your culture impacted your Art?
  • Or anything that inspires you!

Now the fun part!

Create a response to your chosen prompt by using video, photo, or text in the following submission form: