Ines Alvidres

Ines Alvidres


How did you discover your love and talent for creating art?

I discovered my love for art as a kindergarten student. The feeling of creating gave me a sense of doing something that matters, something bigger than me even at that age.  A more mature revelation was in high school. My Spanish teacher knew how much I loved art and gave me a project that consisted of painting a large canvas that was actually two old bed sheets sewn together. I took this project even though I was afraid of not being capable of completing or having the skills, but what I realized is you need to challenge yourself and follow your passion.  This would be the first night of many that time would fall away, and I would spend all night long painting. Again, I knew I was doing something that matters, not only for the school program or my classmates but future students.

How has your culture shaped who you are as an artist or how you express your creativity?

Having grown up in Chihuahua was fundamental for my career as an artist. I had the opportunity to discover the beautiful people who lived there, the Tarahumaras, my biggest inspiration. The Tarahumaras are living art themselves. The way they carry themselves, their presence, their clothing and adornments evoked strong emotions in me that stay with me no matter where I go. The essence of every piece of artwork I make tells the story of a girl who was fascinated by these colorful people. My subjects and aesthetics have evolved, but the root of my art is my love for my culture.      

How has art helped you connect to your community?

The support of the community has allowed me to thrive as an artist. This allows me to not only share my passion but to teach and mentor young artists. Art has given me a purpose. As an artist I have a message, and through the sharing of this message, I have connected with many members of the community. 

What would your advice be to young people or others wanting to pursue a career in art or further develop their artistic talents?

I have a quote that I love from Dr. Tererai Trent. “The Universe has a way to honor our dreams if only we believe, become determined and work hard toward our goals.” The first thing we need to do if we want to become an artist is to believe. Only if we believe in ourselves, can others believe as well. Secondly, becoming determined is an important part. There will be obstacles, but they will make you stronger. And if you love what you do, they will never be strong enough to stop you from achieving your dreams. And last and most important is to work hard, very hard.  I am going to be honest; it doesn’t get easier. Actually, it’s the opposite. But you become wiser and hard work will always pay off. I heard someone say once, if you want to become a painter, paint. If you want to become a writer, write. If you want to become a musician, play music. You get the point. Yes, it is that easy, but not. I love what I do, and I don’t think I would rather do anything else. When you find your dream, don’t let it go.