Our objectives

Committees and Objectives: 

We are working with local, state, and national partners to leverage existing resources, and more importantly to listen to the questions and needs of the community and address those needs directly in this time of COVID-19. 

Baseline: Seek to understand 

Every partner, individual and organizational, is to help answer these questions as we go through the phases of this COVID19 response: 

  1. Who is your audience? 
  2. What are their needs? What are the biggest questions you’re hearing? 
  3. How can we best communicate to them? 

Objective 1. Partnerships: 

  • 1a. To build and connect partnerships across latino-serving Local, State, National, International organizations. 
  • 1b. To identify what a partnership means (to and from)
  • 1c. To identify how this network can transform the way the national agenda for latino health during COVID19 and beyond 

Objective 2. Resources: 

  • 2a. To leverage information and resources that already exists through our online resource repository
  • 2b. To identify and develop missing resources that can be given and disseminated in the community. 

Objective 3. Data: 

  • 3a. To understand the data that already exists, and what this tells us about outbreaks, lack of access to care, and different subgroups in the latino community (ie farmworkers)
  • 3b. To identify gaps in the data and questions we want to answer through data 
  • 3c. To develop a mechanism to collect needed data that will better advise communities. 

Objective 4.  Online Events: 

  • 4a. To compile a calendar of events, trainings and courses that Task Force partners and collaborators are hosting 
  • 4b. To identify gaps in online resources and trainings
  • 4c. To create and develop online resources and trainings that are needed 

Objective 5. Mental Health:

  • 5a. To compile a list of online and printable resources around mental health awareness, tools, and hotlines 
  • 5b. To identify the need to create online resources that are not currently being made

Objective 6. Communications 

  • 6a. To identify the best ways to communicate to different communities around the country
  • 6b. To develop a strategic plan to effectively and efficiently work together with local organizations to disseminate information appropriately 

Objective 7. Media

  • 7a. To identify and list out media contacts for information and dissemination of resources to the community 
  • 7b. To build a media toolkit for individuals and organizations to use 

Objective 8. Funding:

  • 8a. To identify funding opportunities through national and international agencies and foundations 
  • 8b. To build an easy-to-follow funding timeline and toolkit for organizations to have a strong chance to receive funding 

Objective 9. Advocacy 

  • 9a. To identify a list of policies, nationally and state-wide, that can have an impact on latino communities 
  • 9b. To identify any advocacy opportunities (new or partnered)