The Latinx COVID-19 Task Force is currently an independent grassroots coalition of national, state, and local organizations/members that are coming together to address gaps in resources, information (spanish/english), data, policy, funding.

Why did this initiative start? 

The number of gaps, needs, fears, and disinformation faced by the latino community throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic demands the development of a creative and unified effort from national, state, and local organizations and agencies, public, nonprofit, and private sectors, to fill those gaps, answer those questions, and empower nuestra comunidad- both in english and spanish and with a heightened sense of cultural/community awareness. 


To bridge a health and information gap through collaboration for latino communities in the midst of COVID-19 


To strategically articulate, bridge, and connect Latino/Hispanic serving organizations and build a repository and collective effort that provides authoritative public health information, resources, and leadership to latino communities, by delivering timely, life-saving information and health access during COVID-19, and beyond.


Latino/Hispanic families and communities throughout the US and the Americas; spanish-speaking and non-spanish-speaking communities 

Task Force members: 

Individuals and organizations/agencies from international, national, state, and local levels that serve latino communities and address latino-related issues. 


We are working with local, state, and national partners to leverage existing resources, and more importantly to listen to the questions and needs of the community and address those needs directly in this time of COVID-19.