Pedro Montenegro

Pedro M

By: Pedro Montenegro

My name is Pedro Montenegro and I am a proud Guatemalan-American. I come from a hard working family that taught me the value of doing things diligently y humildemente to make sure I succeed in everything I do. As my mom’s ‘primogenito’, I served as the family’s translator, accountant, mediator, but most importantly, advocate. The last title was one that I proudly continue to hold until this very day and has laid the path to my career in advocacy. I’ve been a lifelong advocate and through my work with the Latinx Voces en Salud Campaign, I hope to have a part in ensuring our communities live long & healthy lives – and ensuring we have an equal place at the table.


I am an avid bike rider (I always get a little misty eyed when cycling by the Capitol or other DC landmarks because it’s so cool to be able to do a simple thing like ride my bike around such historical places), I love Lucy fanatic (the vitameatavegamin episode is my all-time favorite), a wannabe chef, and a Starbucks ‘you are here’ mug collector.