Paulina Sosa and Samantha Ceballos 

What is  the Latinx Salud Blog Series? 

The Latinx Salud blog series will bring light to different Latinx issues that are prominent in our communities. It is an opportunity to hear from different voices, such as, community leaders, promotores, storytellers, public health researchers, doctors, students, artists, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers— from you

Many of you might believe that you do not work within the realm of public health, but in reality we all do.  So, why should this series be important to you? Because public health has everything to do with you. 

This blog is meant to create a safe space and a platform for us to speak up and to speak out about the topics we care about—most of which fall under public health/salud publica. 

La voz Latinx es poderosa. We need this space to open our minds to the possibilities surrounding the idea of public health and how we view our actions in the light of public health. We want the statistics, the art, the opinions, the ideas so that we can bring awareness, expand, and grow our communities in ways that benefit us and those who will come after us. This series is about NOSOTROS.

Who are we? 

We are a team of professionals, academics, students, writers, artists, activists, community organizers. Somos gente who believe in the power of using our voices to speak up on public health topics within Latinx communities. 

Why are we here? 

The question is not just who we are, but more importantly, why we’re here. We are all here for one reason— to speak up and to speak out; to encourage and empower nuestras comunidades. 

The Latinx Salud series is meant to advocate, educate, motivate.  

Because together we make a difference.